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African-American Empowerment Network Sets Course for Change

July 8, 2010 1 comment

Check out my new cover story in The Reader about Omaha’s African American Empowerment Network. It’s the first installment in a two-part cover series on this nonprofit, grassroots, community initiative to raise the educational, economic, quality of life prospects for a segment of the population that, on average, lags behind the majority population and other ethnic minority groups.

I will soon be adding the story to this blog site, but for now you can find it at The Reader-

Also, I will be using the two-parter as a case study for how I go about doing what I do. That look inside my process will be featured on my Notes from a Working Journalist
Squidoo lens page. Look for an announcement here about it. If you haven’t visited that site yet, you can access it at-

Notes from a Working Journalist

July 8, 2010 1 comment

Another facet of my online presence is the new Squidoo lens page I have formed. I call it:

Notes from a Working Journalist.

It is meant to be a kind of diary or journal of my writing life by sharing insights into the process behind creating the projects that pay my bills and feed my soul. Every now and then I will use the page to talk about what’s happening with various projects I am engaged in, providing notes into their genesis, their development, their research, their writing-editing phase, and, finally, their publication. I hope these insights prove an interesting glimpse at what goes into my process as a working journalist.

You can access my Squidoo lens page at:

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