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Listen to Freelance Writer Leo Adam Biga’s Guest Bit on the New “Worlds of Wayne Podcast” at

November 10, 2011 1 comment


Listen to Freelance Writer Leo Adam Biga’s guest bit on the new “Worlds of Wayne Podcast” at:


Once there, click on Episode 149 and hear what makes Leo Adam Biga – that’s me – tick as a writer.

Host Wayne Brekke interviews me about my my writing life.  He does a great job drawing me out and I think I hold my own describing a bit about what it is I do as a full-time freelancer.  Give it a listen.  I promise it won’t be the dullest 25 minutes you ever spent.

And for those of you still on the fence about attending my Freelance Writing Academy Seminars, consider the cast as a small sampling of what those sessions are like and how I articulate things.  I think you’ll see you can learn a few things and have a pretty good time doing it.

Go to the top of the screen or to the category listing on the right to find details about the Freelance Writing Academy Seminars.  Registration is now open for Nov. 13 and Dec. 11 seminars.

And be sure to listen in again to the “Worlds of Wayne.”



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