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Another sweet endorsement for my Alexander Payne book…



And the hits just keep on coming where my Alexander Payne book is concerned.  

On top of Leonard Maltin’s recent thumbs up, we just received another sweet endorsement, this one from novelist (“True Believers”) and “Studio 360” host Kurt Andersen, who has bestowed on us a beautifuly worded and generous statement of support:

“I’d be an Alexander Payne fan even if we didn’t share a Nebraska upbringing: he is a masterly, menschy, singular storyteller whose movies are both serious and unpretentious, delightfully funny and deeply moving.  And he’s fortunate indeed to have such a thoughtful and insightful chronicler as Leo Biga.” Kurt Andersen

Thank you, Kurt.

More big news about the book is just around the corner.

The book, “Alexander Payne: His Journey in Film – A Reporter’s Perspective 1998-2012,” can be pre-ordered at AlexanderPayneTheBook.com.

Available November 13 from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com as well as for Kindle and other e-reader devices.  

Preview the book at www.facebook.com/LeoAdamBiga.


Media Notes:

Watch me talk about the book, Payne, and his new film on “Heartland Focus” this Saturday, Nov. 3 at 6:30 pm on WOWT.  

Listen to me do the same on the current “Worlds of Wayne” podcast at http://worldsofwayne.libsyn.com/


Book Events:

And I hope to see you at my next book event, Saturday, Nov. 10, The Bookworm, 1 p.m.






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