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Laura Dern Endorses My Alexander Payne Book

November 17, 2012 5 comments

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Acclaimed actress Laura Dern has remained good friends with Alexander Payne since she starred in his first feature, “Citizen Ruth,” and I was lucky enough to interview her a few years ago in advance of a program she did with him in Omaha.  Now, I’m privileged to have her endorse my new book about the filmmaker.  

Here’s what she says about “Alexander Payne: His Journey in Film – A Reporter’s Perspective 1998-2012”:

“Alexander is a master. Many say the art of filmmaking comes from experience and grows with age and wisdom but, in truth, he was a master on day one of his first feature. Leo Biga has beautifully captured Alexander’s incredible journey in film for us all to savor.”
Thank you, Laura.
Her generous praise comes on top of these wonderful endorsements:


“Leo Biga brings us a fascinating, comprehensive, insightful portrait of the work and artistry of Alexander Payne. Mr. Biga’s collection of essays document the evolution and growth of this significant American filmmaker and he includes relevant historical context of the old Hollywood and the new. His keen reporter’s eye gives the reader an exciting journey into the art of telling stories on film.” – Ron Hull, Nebraska Educational Television legend, University of Nebraska emeritus professor of broadcasting, author of “Backstage”

“Alexander Payne is one of American cinema’s leading lights. How fortunate we are that Leo Biga has chronicled his rise to success so thoroughly.” – Leonard Maltin, film critic and best selling author

“I’d be an Alexander Payne fan even if we didn’t share a Nebraska upbringing: he is a masterly, menschy, singular storyteller whose movies are both serious and unpretentious, delightfully funny and deeply moving.  And he’s fortunate indeed to have such a thoughtful and insightful chronicler as Leo Biga.” – Kurt Andersen, novelist (“True Believers”) and “Studio 360  host






The book, “Alexander Payne: His Journey in Film – A Reporter’s Perspective 1998-2012,” can be ordered at

The Bookworm in Omaha carries it.

Now available, too, from and Barnes and as well as for Kindle and other e-reader devices.   

The book makes a great gift for the film lover in your life.

Preview it at


Book events:

Florence Branch Library, Tuesday, Nov. 20, 6:15 pm 


Media Alerts:

•I will be doing a live appearance on WOWT during the 4 pm news on Monday, Nov. 19
•KIOS Radio is airing a segment at 7:30 am and 4:30 pm the same day
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